Getting Started

The Server and Agents can all be a data source and/or destination. The server needs to be accessible by the agents on port 443 (configurable). Agents only need to be accessible on port 443 if they are to be a backup destination.

Yintersync.NET will work on any Windows Vista or 2008 system onwards with at least 1GB of memory.Yintersync.NET will benefit from extra memory for drive caching.

We will start with a basic replica from one computer to another. In this case the Agent will be the source and the Server will be the destination.

Step 1 : Server Setup

Install Yintersync.NET Server on the destination by running the setup program and selecting Server during the install process.

To allow an Agent to connect an account needs to be created for it. Click Add on the Resources tab and enter a name and password for the agent.

Ensure the agent can connect to TCP port 443 on the server.

Step 2: Agent Setup

Run setup on the source computer to install the Agent. Once installed, click settings and fill in the address of the Server, agent name and password before clicking OK.

If all is working correctly you should see “agent connection to address:443 established” in the log.

Step 3: Task Setup & Running

Click Add on the Tasks tab. Name your task in the top left box, and select the name of the agent from the drop down.

Under Sources, click Add and select your Source data. Click OK to return to the Tasks tab.

Highlight the task and press start. Depending on the connectivity, first run may take some time. After the first copy has completed, try running again to see how well the delta copying works.


How do I check the data has replicated correctly?

As the backups are not stored in a database, either open them or use the checksum file generated with Corz Checksum to verify.

Can Yintersync.NET replicate locked / open files

Yes, Yintersync.NET uses VSS to which allows the replication of any file even if it is currently open including:
  • Office Documents
  • Multimedia
  • Outlook PST
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine
  • Exchange Mail Store
  • SQL Database

How do I setup replicate to an agent.

Tick the box "Enable as backup destination" under Yintersync.NET server > Resources > Backup Destination and complete the hostname/IP and port. Configure the task as usual.

What operating systems are supported?

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012
  • Hyper-V Server 2008, 2012
  • Small Business Server 2011
  • Windows XP and Server 2003 may still work but are no longer tested or supported.

How do I setup email reports?

Daily email reports of all replications can be setup on under Yintersync.NET server > Configuration/Log > Reporting.

Can I use a NAS

You can attach a SMB/Samba file share over a fast network link to the Yintersync.NET server or a destination Agent. To do this edit the desired Agent in Yintersync.NET Server > Resources.

How do I get rid of the SSL certificate errors?

To use your own SSL certificate, replace the default cert.pfx file in the Yintersync.NET install folder with your own and enter the password under Configuration/Log > Settings

Is there a limit on the number of source and destinations (Agents) controlled from a single Yintersync.NET server?

Our internal testing currently stops at 100 but it should work for many more. If you wish to use more than 100 please get in contact..

Can I seed the backup destination

Yes, either run the backup for a short while to create some of the directory structure or do the first backup to a removable hard drive and deliver to your destination.

I have a problem, can you help?

Yes we can, use our community support forum or email us if you commercial user.

Can I backup the Yintersync.NET configuration.

All configuration is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\yinter\yintersync. To export, enter the following at the command prompt.

reg export HKLM\software\yinter\yintersync %userprofile%\desktop\yintersync-backup.reg

How do I remove Yintersync.NET?

The included uninstall utility removes the program and all settings. Uninstall requires no interaction so it would be easy to script across many systems.

Yintersync is a product of YINTER LTD