Automated Reporting Central Administration Compression
Quickly ensure a network of computers is syncing correctly with a glance at the admin consol or daily email reports. Once the agent has been installed on synchronisation sources and targets, all management is done from a single user interface.

Software updates only have to be installed on the central server. Agents will get their updates automatically.

All data transferred is compressed with gzip which gives a good compromise between bandwidth and CPU overhead.
Delta Encoding High Speed Inplace Writes
Delta Encoding similar to Rsync is the key to maintaining low bandwidth requirements. Very fast hash checking of large files is achieved by using an automatic variable block size which both maximises speed where there is little or no change while minimising bandwidth use when there is.

Small files are streamed into the hash checker in larger blocks to maximise throughput.
I/O Requirements are reduced to a bare minimum by writing to files inplace. This maintains the highest possible speed and compatibility with data deduplication and file system snapshots.
Multiple Systems SSL Tunnel VSS Support
Yintersync.NET is designed to synchronise data to or from many systems to build extensive synchronisation networks. A single SSL connection is required between the source and the destination which by default is on port 443.

This allows synchronisation sources to be located behind NAT and strict firewall policies.
Open files such as databases, mail stores, and virtual machines can be synchronised using Microsoft VSS.

Writes to the destination files are minimised so Yintersync.NET works efficiently with Shadow Copies to provide iterations even with huge files.
Yintersync is a product of YINTER LTD