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Yintersync.NET server and agents provide bandwidth and cost economic delta replicas from multiple computers over SSL with open file support and reporting.

Yintersync.NET is built to replicate large amounts of live data such as documents, databases, virtual machines, mail stores and multimedia over low bandwidth connections. This is achieved by using delta encoding faster than Rsync, compression and shadow copies.

Designed for multi terrabyte datasets consisting of millions of files, Yintersync.NET's hashing algorithm can outperform gigabit local transfers yet is optimised for low bandwidth connections.

Yintersync.NET is free.
Yintersync.NET can be used as part of a full backup and disaster recovery solution in combination with local backup software, shadow copies, data de-duplication, drive encryption etc.

In our environment of 60 virtual machines on 15 hosts we use Yintersync to replicate 7tb of local file, database and mail backups over a 10mbit ADSL connection as part of our business continuity strategy.

We use mirrored drives with shadow copies on low end servers to provide a month of backup iterations. For offline backups we robocopy the entire backup set onto a removable drives.

Yintersync can also be installed on a Amazon EC2 instance and connected to S3 storage for economical cloud backup.
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Yintersync is a product of YINTER LTD